Hamburger Blues (1973)

Biff Rose and Wall Matthews

Back Cover Hamburger Blues
Track Listing:
  1. Sir Fussing Tharp
  2. Scientology Meets The Pulsar
  3. Albion
  4. Sweet And Sour Georgia Brown
  5. St. Joseph, Parton Of A Happy Death
  6. Bosco The Macho Pixie Permeates Lydia E. Pinkham
  7. The Thief And The Midwife
  8. Kotokes/Loon Liver
  9. More
  10. Fleta May’s P
  11. Ziegried Takes A Walk
  12. Biss Brood
  13. Snaker’s Tune
  14. 4th Floor Rubbers
  15. 109
  16. Elysian Paralysis
  17. Ladmo’s Tune (The Heaviest Tune In The World)
  18. Great White Grope
  19. The Farmer’s Tabernacle Choir (A&B)

Liner Notes

Recorded: May 1973—Oct 1973

Released: May 1974 

Sweet Jane, Ltd (SJL 1273)


Biff Rose: Fender Rhodes, Vocals, Acoustic Piano

Wall Matthews: Electric and Acoustic Piano

 Engineering: Dave and Sylvia Ray

Album Art: Colleen and Vicki (Last names not specified)

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