CMJ New Music Report :
“His original songs dance and sparkle. The covers have soul, wit, and guts. ‘Pastures Of Plenty” is eerie and gorgeous. He is a tight, yet expressive guitarist, a tornado of rhythms and simple melodies that carries his pieces from country to musical country.”

Billboard Magazine :
“… co-mingles divergent styles on African traditional themes…views familiar American songs through an African prism…highlights include the hypnotic (original) 12 string solo piece ‘The Night Waterman’.

Chip Renner, All Music Guide :
“…..goes from delicate guitar work to Pygmy chants to African music. Female vocals are a nice touch for a Wall Matthews album. Those with eclectic tastes will enjoy this.”

Maryland Live :
“That Matthews is a masterful guitarist ought to be obvious after a single hearing of ‘The Night Waterman’ – he fingerpicks with such finesse that his performance takes on the sort of shading and dynamic range you’d expect from a piano solo… an exciting, eclectic song selection…surely worth gathering into your world.”