THE COLOR OF DUSK (1996, currently out of print)

VH 1 (J.D. Considine): “Truly riveting… an amazing album..imagine Ry Cooder meets Aretha Franklin…”

VIBE MAGAZINE : “…a stirring tribute to the emotions of any female slave who has ever walked the earth….THE COLOR OF DUSK is a tragic history set to appropriate, moving music…”



The Color of Dusk is at once the most high-minded and the most earthy of albums, a vivid setting of D.C.-based writer Dolores Kendrick‘s poems documenting the experiences of African women coming to America and living in slavery. Producer/guitarist/percussionist Matthews deserves thanks and praise for bringing the project to light and drawing on African drumming and the blues to create spare and powerful pan-Diaspora music to carry Kendrick’s words.

ROBERT FARRIS THOMPSON, YALE UNIVERSITY: “It has all the right texture, all the right historical resonances and I loved it.”

THE ATLANTA JOURNAL: “Engaging and brilliantly executed.”