I have been fortunate to enjoy a long association with composing, teaching, and playing music for dance. As Composer In Residence for Dance at Connecticut College throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s I worked with so many wonderful choreographers, dancers and teachers. I owe a tremendous debt to Martha Myers, who first hired me and guided me along the way. The first time I played for her, so long ago, I was a nervous young man who wanted to do well for her and not mess up. Sensing my tentativeness, she danced over to me at the piano and said: “Don’t worry dear. Just put it out there and I’ll tell you if it’s wrong.” That was life changing for me. It not only freed me to be come successful playing for dance, it would come to serve as a life long mantra for life itself. At the risk of leaving people out who may escape memory at the moment, here is a list of the wonderful dancers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.

Anne Alex Packard
Ara Fitzgerald
Bill Evans
Carla Perla
Cliff Kueter
Colette Barry
Cynthia Williams
Daniel Nagrin
David Dorfman
Denise Jefferson
Diane Jacobowitz
Ed Desoto
Ed Groff
Elizabet Higgins
Ethel Butler
Fred Benjamin
Geri Houlihan
Jean Ruddy
Joel Dabin
L’Ana Burton
Lance Westergard
Laurie Cameron
Lee Connor
Lenore Latimer
Les Ditson
Lorn MacDougal
Lotte Goslar
Libby Nye
Lynn Lesniak
Karen Dearborn
Manuel Alum
Marcus Schulkind
Mark Dendy
Mark Taylor
Martha Moore
Mel Wong
Michelle Bach
Mitchell Rose
Murray Louis
Nancy Romita
Noel Hall
Peter DiMuro
Robin Rice
Ronald K. Brown
Sat Hon
Sharon Kinney
Stuart Pimsler
Ted Rotante and Nora Guthrie
Thelma Hill
Trudi Link