THE DREAMING LIGHT: Beautiful, ambient chamber works” ( JOHN DILIBERTO, ECHOES )
“One of the top 100 recordings of the year”, (
…one of those vexing (for a reviewer) recordings-an excellent release that thoroughly defies categorization. This deeply evocative, emotionally rich, yet intellectually stimulating music reaches into the fiber of your being and touches you in subtle, soft, gentle ways. If pressed for a more concrete description, I would label this as rural Americana meets minimal acoustic impressionistic jazz—and if that doesn’t pique your interest, just listen to some sound clips!”(BILL BINKLEMAN, RETAILING INSIGHT)

AIR OVER WATER:…like an unexpected postcard from a long-lost friend…a series of works that blur the boundary between American instrumental folk and what we might now call post-chamber music…surprises dot the aural landscape throughout: “Snails” sounds like a Bach Partita with passing Eastern-inflected slurs…”Sleazy Sue” offers echoes of folk and blues, with unusual note bending…”The Blue Heart evokes Ravel without ever sounding like French Impressionism.”….JOHN SCHAEFER, “NEW SOUNDS” WNYC RADIO, NEW YORK

 CHRISTMAS GUITAR : “Matthews’ stunning Christmas sessions have become a perennial favorite for those who love Christmas music presented with grace and originality, as it is in this incomparable multi tracked acoustic guitar tour de force.”

RIDING HORSES: “On guitar, Matthews is a six string wonder…on piano, he’s a gifted miniaturist, matching classical structure with a folkish sense of line.”(MUSICIAN MAGAZINE) 

GATHERING THE WORLD: “That Matthews is a masterful guitarist ought to be obvious after a single hearing of ‘The Night Waterman’ – he fingerpicks with such finesse that his performance takes on the sort of shading and dynamic range you’d expect from a piano solo… an exciting, eclectic song selection…surely worth gathering into your world.” (MARYLAND LIVE)

SOLO PIANO AND GUITAR: “… a phenomenally capable musician…but, in the end, his talents as a composer and a melodist make “Wall Matthews” an album worth listening to, not simply hearing.” Musician Magazine (J.D. Considine) :

“…defies categorization… we’ve listened a dozen times and haven’t begun to tire of it…wonderfully lyrical and moody.” Playboy Magazine:

“Matthews is an exceptional composer….” CMJ New Music Report : 

ZEN GARDENS: “…gives the listener breathing room, allowing the mind to let go as it drifts with the gentle melodies… he is familiar with the actual gardens so you can hear birdsong give way to dripping rain off the roof of Enryaku-ji; the percussive clack and clink of metal meeting stone at Ryoan-ji; insects crawling along moss as Saiho-ji awakes; the ringing of the great bell at Myoshin-ji evokes the black clad monks shuffling barefoot along wooden floors on a winter’s night..listeners will find themselves returning often seeking the quiet the music instills”… (KYOTO JOURNAL)