Wall Adam and Ara (1 of 1)

Their critically acclaimed collaboration, based on the poetry of William Butler Yeats, has been enjoyed by audiences in the 80’s, 90’s, and the 2000’s. It has been produced in New York City at Dance Theater Workshop and The Riverside Dance Festival, in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Baltimore at the Theater Project, and in Washington D.C at at The Dance Place.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: ” There was not a false move in Miss Fitzgerald’s earthy portrayal of the Crazy Jane of the poems, her only props a squashed bonnet and chair straight out of a convent parlor. Miss Fitzgerald shifted from comic, mad old floozy, spitting out a raucous ”fol de rol,” to flirtatious country girl at prayer, with just the properly coarsened flick of a hand, the tilt of the head or an exuberant slide, legs spread and feet flexed wantonly. Her speech was clear, simple and affecting. Mr. Matthews was as clear in song.” JENNIFER DUNNING March 8, 1981

THE GLASGOW HERALD: “At Circuit’s New York Tent anticipation was copiously rewarded by the performance of Ara Fitzgerald with composer/collaborator Wall Matthews. Though she uses her voice with an actor’s awareness and fineness, it is her body with its perceptive gesture which speaks most feelingly…..the work amalgamating words, music, and movement which they have based on W.B. Yeats’ “Crazy Jane” poems is outstandingly beautiful”…. MARY BRENNAN, Sept.1, 1983