CURRENT RELEASE: ” beautiful, ambient chamber works” ( John Diliberto, ECHOES )

Imagistic compositions for acoustic guitar with cello, violin, viola, and soprano saxophone. The music is a blend of contemporary impressionistic acoustic colors. Listeners drawn to the work of Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, and Ralph Towner, as well as Debussy and Ravel, should find this music to their liking.


dl front

I was opening for Gary Burton at Night Stage on a Sunday night in Cambridge, MA. Albert King had just finished a 3 night run there. The sound man told me about what a taskmaster he was, cracking the whip on everyone involved. Sometime during the first set, I noticed a tall man in a 3 piece black suit and a large black fedora enter and walk across the back of the room. I quickly realized it was Albert himself. He strolled to the bar, sat down, and listened. Although the beginning of my music was grounded in country blues, what I was playing had traveled a long way from that world. He stayed for the remainder of the set. When I left the stage, I had to go right by him. As I started to pass him, out came this long arm, stopping me like a turn style that would not turn. He extended his hand to me, and my hand seemed to disappear into his like it was being swallowed by a cave. “Very nice young, man, that was very nice.” I felt like I was being anointed by a master and I have never forgotten it.